Organic Olive oil Cortijo El Cura Can 1 Liter


Cortijo El Cura Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil early harvest unfiltered.

1 Litre can



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Organic extra virgin olive oil. Olive variety: “Lechín”.

This olive variety is peculiar because of its small size and it is difficult to harvest. It is better to pick it when it is ripe rather than green.

Its yield is variable and it depends on the year. This variety can be used to produce olive oil and to be sold as olives.

The olive oil is fruity and soft. It is neither spicy nor bitter. Nonetheless, it is very tasteful.

The polyphenols are average depending on the harvest season 250-400mg/kg and the average stability is also of 18-24 months from the elaboration process, since the content in oleic acid is medium, 70-72%.

This product has the following certifications. Press on the pictures for detailed information: 

Certificación Producción Ecológica          Sello Producción Ecológica Unión Europea

Data sheet

Vintage year
1 liter
Grape variety/ies
Lechín (Is a unique olive variety from southeast Spain: Almería, Granada and Murcia).
Wine pairing
Se puede utilizar para freír o como ingrediente en tus elaboraciones culinarias; pero se aconseja sobre todo consumir en crudo, con una buena ensalada o sobre una rebanada de pan tostado.
Organic farming

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